Hoping for a green thumb {Jade Plant}

9 Jul

A little over a year ago, I picked up a small jade plant while on a weekend shopping trip to Ikea.  I figured that since I spend 40 plus hours a week in my office, it wouldn’t hurt to have some homey touches around.  I’m generally not very good with plants, but I thought maybe I could manage to keep a plant alive if were sitting about three feet from me for eight hours a day.  Here’s a picture of the cute little guy from March 2010:

Jade Plant - March 2010

My office window faces east and gets a ton of morning sunlight, which apparently is just what this little guy needs – because my jade plant started really taking off.  I suppose I should have been pruning it or something, but again, I’m not that great with plants and I was afraid anything I did might kill it.  Finally, it got to the point that I thought it wouldn’t be able to really thrive in such a small pot, so I decided to swing by my office today to pick it up.  Here’s the plant today:

Jade plant {and an awesome wolf} - July 2011

So it was finally time to swallow my self-doubts and pull apart a healthy and thriving plant.  Jade plants are supposed to be very easy to grow and propagate, so hopefully even I can’t kill it!  The pieces of my plant were enough to fill two additional small flower pots for our house, and Adam even planted some in our back patio area.  Here are some pictures:

Two new plants!

One in the ground!

Hopefully these little branches take root in the whiskey barrel!

Hopefully, I can report back to you soon that all new plants are thriving – it would be nice to have so much more green around!  Either way, I’ll let you know!


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