Wednesday Wish List {Masala Dabba}

17 Aug

Masala Dabba {}

This week’s Wish List item is a staple in Indian kitchens and something I’ve eyed with envy on several cooking shows – a masala dabba, or spice box.  How wonderful it would be to have your seven most-used spices right at your fingertips in the same container.  A masala dabba is generally a round, stainless steel container with an outer and inner lid that holds seven smaller containers and a small spoon or spoons.  It is designed to hold your most essential spices so that they are all easily within reach while you’re cooking.

I try to keep my spices relatively organized, using one of those spice riser things that makes your spices look like they’re singing in a choir … but as you can see below, the more spices you accumulate, the harder this becomes.  I still have to do quite a bit of hunting to find things.

Spice Choir

As someone who likes things to be pretty, I also love how vibrant and beautiful spices look when on display in a masala dabba. There are lots of spice boxes available from Amazon at a variety of price points, and below is a beautiful example.

Masala Dabba {}

This also reminds me of a favorite I’ve been saving on Etsy for quite some time now.  Salt City Spice  sells gorgeous finished magnetic spice racks and DIY kits for the more adventurous.  It’s kind of a modern, chic take on the masala dabba.  Here are some examples:

This is a DIY kit, so you can choose a color that matches your decor! {}

Love the chalkboard on this one! {}

This smaller one is pretty cute! {}

So whether your taste is traditional or a little more modern, there are lots of great ideas out there for getting your spices under control and close at hand!


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