Wednesday Wish List {Clever Brownie Pan}

24 Aug

Slice Solutions Brownie Pan

This week’s wish list item is yet another kitchen item, and space is already getting pretty tight in my kitchen.  But this “Slice Solutions” Brownie Pan from Chicago Metallic looks like such a neat and easy way to share your baked goods, I may just have to make room!

I spotted this pan in a recent post on i am baker for a delicious-looking zucchini pound cake. It may just be that her pound cake looks so tasty, or that I love the way she wrapped up each slice like a little present with ribbon and twine {scroll all the way down in her post, and tell me you would not be so excited to receive that little gift}; but whatever the reason, I really like the idea of having neatly pre-sliced brownies!  {Side note, I’m also dying to try the zucchini pound cake recipe!}

At this rate, pretty soon my Wednesday Wish List item will have to be a bigger kitchen:)

Happy baking!


One Response to “Wednesday Wish List {Clever Brownie Pan}”

  1. Lauren August 24, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    Love this!

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