Wednesday Wish List {Charleston, SC}

31 Aug

Okay, so I know I can’t really wish for a whole city; but after an amazing weekend in Charleston with two of my favorite ladies, I am seriously wishing I could spend more time in this charming city.  It had been eight years or so since my two college roommates and I had all been in Charleston at the same time; but once we were there, it was like no time had passed at all (among us anyway – Granny’s Goodies is now an Apple store, which is both a sign of the times and a travesty!).  {Side note: I have had many roommates in my day, but if I ever refer to someone as my roommate, you can bet it is one of these dear friends}

Our old apartment - we even saw a girl sitting in the window as we so often did

Much of the trip was spent wandering the streets of downtown Charleston, which was a favorite pastime of mine even when I lived there.  The downtown area is small, but I always get the feeling that I could turn a corner at any moment and see a street or alley that I have never seen before – and in Charleston that means another stunning example of the Charleston Single House or a secret garden of which you can barely catch a glimpse through the fragrant jasmine spilling over an ornate wrought iron gate.  Winding your way through the narrow streets will usually lead you to the Battery or Waterfront Park, and gorgeous views of the Charleston Harbor {or as I’ve heard it described “where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers join to form the Atlantic Ocean” – leave it to Charlestonians to have a somewhat over-inflated sense of self!}

Fountain at Waterfront Park

As if you aren’t already prepared to book your trip to Charleston by now, the real draw is the FOOD!  There are so many excellent restaurants in Charleston, you will find yourself wishing you could eat more than three meals each day!  From white tablecloths to greasy spoons, you can satisfy just about any craving at one of Charleston’s many eateries.  Here are some of the culinary highlights of our trip:

Fried Green Tomatoes at Jestine's Kitchen

Country Breakfast at Hominy Grill {photo credit: Sarah J.}

It is a city steeped in romance and history, and while I wouldn’t normally recommend a late-August trip, it is definitely a place that you should visit if the opportunity ever presents itself.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture!  I know that so much of the appeal for me is wrapped up in all of the wonderful memories I have with my dear friends and roommates, but thinking back on the weekend certainly has me wishing and hoping that our next visit is sooner than another eight years from now!

{photo credit: super-friendly Italian Ice girl at Waterfront Park}


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