A basement update and a Craigslist adventure

2 Mar

I am so excited to finally report some more progress in our basement! A few months have gone by since I last posted about our basement project, when I was longing for that perfect rug to set the stage for the rest of our decor.  I wanted something more modern and playful than what we have going on in the main level, with color(s) that would bring together the coral and navy palette I’m eying.

Well, a lot happened quickly in December/January as we found a rug that we both love, a futon that seems comfortable enough to sit and sleep on {we were limited as to what we could get down the stairs}, and a used desk for my future workspace crafting corner.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite details in the room so far.

This Anthropologie vase is straight from my Pinterest inspiration board, and was a Christmas gift from my lovely sister {thanks, Steph!}. Right now I have it grouped with some old mason jars on our new built-in cabinets, and I love it!

Here’s a little, tiny peek at our new rug from CB2.  It’s just what I was looking for, and I promise I’ll share more once the room is “finished”! In case you were wondering, CB2 does honor Crate & Barrel gifts cards – score!

I also have some new fabric to play with that will hopefully soon become throw pillows and a seat cover for my new desk chair.

Got this with a Living Social deal!

My mom spotted this coral print!

And now for the Craigslist adventure! I hadn’t really been looking in earnest for a desk, but had the idea that it would be a good thing to have in the basement to keep my crafting supplies under control. So one day, I just happened upon an ad for a used desk that I really liked. And at $40 for the desk and chair, the price certainly seemed right as well! Through the magic of Craigslist, I was on my way to a storage unit in Centreville, VA later that evening to check it out.

I got more than I bargained for in terms of excitement, as the gate into the storage facility was malfunctioning. As the large fence/gate swung precariously in the air, it became apparent that there would be no pulling our cars up to the unit for an easy retrieval of the desk. Instead, the seller and I found ourselves watching the timing of the swinging gate so that we could run under it and safely into the storage area {at this point I definitely had some unpleasant visions of spending the night with a stranger in a storage unit in Centreville!}. Once inside, we moved all of the desk pieces as close to the gate as possible and then talked strategy.

After entering the code in a keypad about 20 feet from the gate, the gate would swing about 3/4 of the way up before coming back down … and then 1/2 way up again before bouncing back and forth a couple of times and finally crashing to the ground. We figured that if I waited by the gate with the desk while she entered the code, she could run over to the desk in time for that second half-way lift of the gate and we could safely carry it out. We watched a couple of times to really get our timing down, and then made a break for it {picture Super Mario dodging swinging fireballs to rescue the princess}! If anyone happened to be watching us, I’m sure it was highly amusing {but if they were, shame on them for not helping us – one more person would have made this infinitely easier}.

Anyway, we did it! And I know I have a new BFF and partner in crime if I ever decide to move to Centreville {thanks, Sharon, for being willing to go through that ridiculousness to help get my new desk out}! As I drove back down I-66, I started to wonder if it was in fact her desk to sell – had I just helped rob a storage unit??

Okay, thanks for indulging me if you’re still with me at this point … here’s a picture of the desk! It only needs a little touch-up, a new cover for the seat, and the yellow panels slide out for easy repainting! I’m pretty excited! My parents are staying with us in a couple of weeks, so that should be just the motivation needed for that final push to get most of the finishing touches done! Stay tuned …

New {used} desk and a curious cat checking it out!


3 Responses to “A basement update and a Craigslist adventure”

  1. Emily March 2, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    Oh my goodness! Everything looks so great! I can’t wait to see the finished product in person!

  2. kpolon March 2, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    Thanks, Friend! It’s getting there! Hopefully it will be even closer to being done when you’re over in a couple of weeks!


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