Storybook Baby Shower – Part 2 {The Menu}

19 Mar

In case you missed my last post, I recently co-hosted a storybook-themed baby shower for a dear friend. Last time, I told you a little bit about the invitations we sent to set our storybook scene.

A lot of my inspiration came from this darling baby shower featured on Martha Stewart. After looking through her pictures, I decided that another fun way to weave in the storybook theme would be through cute, children’s book-themed menu items. I tried to fight the temptation to let this drive the menu too much, so that we would still end up with a balanced and appetizing spread. Here’s what we settled on:

  • The Little Quiches that Could {Vegetarian Mini-Quiches}
  • Peter Cottontail Pastry Puffs {Savory Mini-Choux Puffs}
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Sandwiches {Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches}
  • Jack Jump over the Carrot Sticks {Vegetable Platter}
  • Green Eggs and “Ham” {Avocado Deviled Eggs with Turkey Bacon}
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie {Lemon Blossoms}
  • Ring around the Rose Petal Pound Cake {stay tuned for this recipe in a later post!}
  • Velveteen Cupcakes {Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting}
  • Hush-a-Bye Bellinis {Prosecco with Peach Puree}
  • Paddington’s Perfect Punch {Cranberry Juice and Ginger Ale}

Of course, another reason I was excited to have a themed menu was that it meant making menu cards! The beauty of these little cards is that they were made using only items already on hand: scrap paper for the dark blue circle bases, pages from an old dictionary headed for the recycle bin, mini-clothes pins left over from a wedding project, and one sheet of cream paper left over from the invitations. They came together using a circle punch, scalloped circle punch, and glue dots! I realize not everyone has mini-clothes pins on hand, but the point is, it’s fun to see what you can do using just the things you have around the house!

Next time I’ll wrap up this little series with some pictures of the finishing touches that brought it all together. Enjoy!


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