Wednesday Wish List {Reusable To Do List}

25 Apr

This week’s wish list item comes as a direct result of that blue feeling I sometimes get as I’m crawling into bed on Sunday night … not so much because of the imminent start of the workweek {although that doesn’t help}, but more so because I often realize that I haven’t accomplished any of the things I set out to do at the start of the weekend.

I’m not talking about the major things that really have to get done – I’m usually okay with knocking those out – it’s more the little things that aren’t imperative, but need to get done eventually. Things like cleaning out a closet, going through a pile of mail, or doing some work on that wedding album I’ve been putting off for a year and a half!

I recognize this stash of baby shower to do lists ... guessing they never made it out of my work bag!

I often jot things like this that come to mind on a post-it note before leaving work on Friday, only to find said note still in my work bag as I’m packing it up Sunday night – clearly, not a good system! As an extremely visual person and avid list-maker, I realized that I need a new way to keep these little tasks on my mind and hold myself accountable for completing them.

I’ve seen a few ideas on Pinterest that I love, and I’m thinking I’ll try to make a version for work and for home. The work version will be much like this one I spotted over on Cornflower Blue Studio’s blog {only I’d like to add a splash of color with some of the new washi tape I just got from – have I plugged that site enough lately :) }. This DIY Rotating Goal List, as pictured below, would be the perfect way to keep track of those little tasks at work that so easily fall through the cracks!

As for the home version, I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head right now. I’d like this one to go in the kitchen and double as a message board so that we can keep track of the little shopping list items that pop up throughout the week. Here are some of the ideas that inspire me!

With this DIY dry erase board from Little Birdies over at Make and Takes, the possibilities are endless AND it looks so easy to pull off. I also love that you can just swap out the paper if you ever tire of it, or if the color scheme in the room changes!

I also like the idea of using chalkboard paint to create a message board. There is an endless number of tutorials online for sprucing up old frames with a bright coat of paint and a chalkboard center, but I like the idea of a chalkboard inside a cabinet door spotted over on Coupon Connections. This chalkboard is accessible enough to be a great reminder for you, but keeps the kitchen clutter out of sight when guests are around.

I also love Real Simple for organization and household tips. Here’s a link to a whole page of new uses for memo boards, but my favorite for this project is the cast iron skillet – so perfect for a kitchen! By the way, a close second on Real Simple’s list, in my book, is the xylophone memo board – so darling!

This project is exactly the kind of thing I would put on my new memo board, so hopefully I can get it done without the benefit of this great new system and I’ll have something to share very soon! I know how great I feel when I start the workweek feeling refreshed and accomplished, so I’m hoping that this will help me strike that balance between relaxation and staying on task!

How do you keep yourself accountable for those little goals that can so often slip through the cracks?


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