Happy New Year {Six Month Recap}

10 Jan

Happy new year, everyone! I’m finally making an attempt to pick back up on the blog a bit. It’s been an action-packed six months, so I figured I’d give a quick update of some of the highlights.

The rest of the summer was mostly spent getting settled into our new home and getting ready for Baby P … and sometimes both at the same time! One of my favorite projects in the home was, of course, planning and decorating the nursery! So much fun to plan a totally different type of room! I also loved having a blank canvas to work with in the rest of the house to re-imagine some of our existing furniture and add some new pieces in as well. Here are some snapshots of a few of my favorite spaces as they start to take shape.

20130904_184841This is our family room and I was so excited to move some of our new basement pieces from the basement redo up to the main living area. I love the coral and navy color palette and am so glad that it is now in a room that we use ALL the time.

20130922_182158The living room gave us the space to hang some of our favorite things on the wall … like the ukulele, which I think is beautiful, but is still easily accessible when the urge to play strikes one of us. And the Mary Belcher maps from Eastern Market really complete our office nook in a special and personal way.


Finally, here’s a sneak peek of how the nursery started coming together. More on that later!


Of course the biggest development in the last six months was the birth of our sweet baby girl. On November 12, 2013, our little Naomi Virginia finally decided to grace us with her presence! She was over a week late, but well worth the wait. Adam and I have been adjusting to our new world as her parents and enjoying how much she changes day-by-day ever since.

20131112_223759We have since been so overwhelmed by the love and support of our family and friends; who have visited, cooked for us, waited on me while I recovered and fed our little one, sent gifts, offered wise advice, and just generally been amazing!

I am enjoying the time away from work to really soak in these first weeks and months of Naomi’s life …  all of the firsts, the ups and the downs, and everything in between. I’m also looking forward to easing back into a {somewhat} normal routine, which will hopefully include continuing with some of the open projects around the new house and maybe even writing about a few things here. It’s pretty hard to tear myself away from this little face, so we’ll see how that goes!



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