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Wednesday Wish List {Reusable To Do List}

25 Apr

This week’s wish list item comes as a direct result of that blue feeling I sometimes get as I’m crawling into bed on Sunday night … not so much because of the imminent start of the workweek {although that doesn’t help}, but more so because I often realize that I haven’t accomplished any of the things I set out to do at the start of the weekend.

I’m not talking about the major things that really have to get done – I’m usually okay with knocking those out – it’s more the little things that aren’t imperative, but need to get done eventually. Things like cleaning out a closet, going through a pile of mail, or doing some work on that wedding album I’ve been putting off for a year and a half!

I recognize this stash of baby shower to do lists ... guessing they never made it out of my work bag!

I often jot things like this that come to mind on a post-it note before leaving work on Friday, only to find said note still in my work bag as I’m packing it up Sunday night – clearly, not a good system! As an extremely visual person and avid list-maker, I realized that I need a new way to keep these little tasks on my mind and hold myself accountable for completing them.

I’ve seen a few ideas on Pinterest that I love, and I’m thinking I’ll try to make a version for work and for home. The work version will be much like this one I spotted over on Cornflower Blue Studio’s blog {only I’d like to add a splash of color with some of the new washi tape I just got from – have I plugged that site enough lately :) }. This DIY Rotating Goal List, as pictured below, would be the perfect way to keep track of those little tasks at work that so easily fall through the cracks!

As for the home version, I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head right now. I’d like this one to go in the kitchen and double as a message board so that we can keep track of the little shopping list items that pop up throughout the week. Here are some of the ideas that inspire me!

With this DIY dry erase board from Little Birdies over at Make and Takes, the possibilities are endless AND it looks so easy to pull off. I also love that you can just swap out the paper if you ever tire of it, or if the color scheme in the room changes!

I also like the idea of using chalkboard paint to create a message board. There is an endless number of tutorials online for sprucing up old frames with a bright coat of paint and a chalkboard center, but I like the idea of a chalkboard inside a cabinet door spotted over on Coupon Connections. This chalkboard is accessible enough to be a great reminder for you, but keeps the kitchen clutter out of sight when guests are around.

I also love Real Simple for organization and household tips. Here’s a link to a whole page of new uses for memo boards, but my favorite for this project is the cast iron skillet – so perfect for a kitchen! By the way, a close second on Real Simple’s list, in my book, is the xylophone memo board – so darling!

This project is exactly the kind of thing I would put on my new memo board, so hopefully I can get it done without the benefit of this great new system and I’ll have something to share very soon! I know how great I feel when I start the workweek feeling refreshed and accomplished, so I’m hoping that this will help me strike that balance between relaxation and staying on task!

How do you keep yourself accountable for those little goals that can so often slip through the cracks?


Wednesday Wish List {Season’s Greetings}

21 Dec

As we enter the holiday season, with Hanukkah beginning last night and Christmas just days away, I wanted to resurrect the Wednesday Wish List feature to share my wish for you and yours this holiday season.

May your home be filled with warmth and peace.

May you always find time to indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

{tangled Christmas lights cupcakes}

May you take encouragement from the words of loved ones.


May you find contentment by giving to others.

May your cherished traditions always keep your loved ones near.

{I have received a snow globe from my dad every Christmas for as long as I can remember!}

Most of all, I hope you are surrounded by the love of friends and family – whether you are lucky enough to be with them, or you find yourself miles away from the ones you love.

Happy holidays!

~Kelli & Adam

Wednesday Wish List {Just Simply… Cuisine}

19 Oct

Oh, so many wishes this week … a couple for me, but mostly one big one that my DC area friends might want to add to theirs. But first, a little background.

Last year around Christmas time, Adam and I decided that we should just find something we both enjoy doing together, like a cooking class, and let that be our gift to each other.  Soon after that, I spotted a deal on bloomspot for a private cooking class for two at Just Simply… Cuisine. Bloomspot is like those other daily deal sites, but it also offers community circles, which give 10% of your purchase price to a non-profit organization {bonus!}.  I had never heard of Just Simply… Cuisine before, but it seemed to be exactly what we were looking for.

Fast-forward several months when I finally got around to scheduling it … and the best part was that the date of our class ended up being my birthday … so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Birthday to me!  This past Saturday, we found ourselves walking up to the front door of a GORGEOUS home near the National Cathedral and hoping we had the right address.  Chris welcomed us into her kitchen {also stunning} and pretty soon, we were kneading homemade pasta dough.  Making pasta was surprisingly quick and easy with the pasta attachments for a KitchenAid mixer {my first wish list item}!

Pasta Roller Attachment Set {via}

The fresh taste of the homemade pasta was truly delicious, and I’d definitely like to try it at home.  Since the set is a little on the pricy side, and it’s not like we’d be making pasta every day, it would be pretty hard to justify the expense … but, Chris had the brilliant idea of going in on a set with her neighbor … so, any takers? : )

Her entire kitchen was basically one giant wish list for me. I mean, she has a warming drawer, an impressive Viking range, an island that comfortably fits a small crowd, and don’t even get me started on the meat t-shirts {yep, you read that right}! I hate to go on and on without a single picture to share, but feel free to hop on over to the website or “like” Just Simply… Cuisine on Facebook and you can see what I’m talking about!

All that aside though, the most delightful thing about our class was just sitting around the kitchen all night enjoying yummy food that we helped make and talking food/cooking with someone who is so passionate about what she does.  The classes at Just Simply… Cuisine don’t have menus set in advance because she firmly believes in eating seasonally and locally.  There’s something to be said for knowing from where all of your ingredients come and, by the end of the evening, we certainly had a pretty good idea of that.  We left with some definite ideas about how we’d like to change our cooking habits around the house, and I’m really hoping we stick to them!

I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to check it out, and if you’re in the area and want to get a small group together for a class, let me know!

Wednesday Wish List {Basement Rug}

5 Oct

Since I moved into Adam’s our home, the basement has acted more as a storage unit than anything else – mostly a “temporary” holding place for many of the things I brought with me.  After many attempts at clearing things out and making those goodwill runs we kept talking about, we finally made some significant progress in making the basement a finished space.  With the main room cleared out, we were able to get some of the finishing work done and move a step closer to turning it into the cozy media room/guest suite we’ve been envisioning.

Our neighbor’s uncle had just done some work on his house that looked great, so we decided it was time to pull the trigger and bring him in to fix some of the lingering oddities in our basement.  We had three main goals:

1. Get some paint on the out-dated wood paneling

2. Find a creative way to cover a gap in the paneling while keeping access to the water shut-off

3. Add shelving under the weird corner cabinet {which also hides some exposed pipes} to make it look a little more planned

The exciting part for me is that there are fewer “rules” in the basement.  While our main level is a little more on the traditional side, the basement doesn’t need to flow with that as much and can follow a different color palette.  We went with a color called Silver Screen on the walls as a more modern, neutral base, and we’re really happy with the way everything has turned out so far!  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the before and after pictures!

New Silver Screen walls - Before {left} and After {right} - Click for larger image

Close-up of new shelf - Before {left} and After {right} - Click for larger image

 And here’s my favorite part.  We used two kitchen cabinets to, not only cover the gaping hole in the wall while keeping access to the important stuff, but also to serve as a functional storage space and decorative shelf.  Yay!

New cabinet - Before {left} and After {right} - Click for larger image

So now for the wish list part … I am getting so close to having a finished image in my head {or on Pinterest as the case may be}, and I really want to find an amazing rug to be the anchor for the room.  Once we have that, I hope everything else can start to fall into place!  I definitely want to add some splashes of color to the gray, and I’m thinking the accent colors will be coral, turquoise, and navy.

You can see my virtual inspiration board here {and maybe even sign yourself up for Pinterest if you find yourself needing more stuff to do on the internet}!  P.S. I want that whimsical moose rug to work so badly!  If I’m feeling super-adventurous, I can even make my own rug like Mandi did over at Vintage Revivals – impressive!

DIY Zebra Rug {}

The vision definitely needs some editing at this point, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas if you’ve seen any great/affordable area rugs lately!

I am so excited to see this room come together and can’t wait to share it with you soon!

Wednesday Wish List {More Flats!}

28 Sep

As a girl who is on the petite side, with any height that I do have being all in the torso, I wear heels … a lot.  Maybe that’s why I was so excited when I found these Steve Madden moccasins on the clearance rack at DSW.  I usually don’t like flats once I get them on, but I loved these and had to get them!

I think they are super cute, and they’re the closest thing I have to going barefoot.  I even love the tapping sound they make when I walk!  I find myself putting them on every day and wishing they worked with all of my clothes. I’ve definitely gotten the nix from the husband a couple of times … oh, well.  So I guess this week, I’m wishing for more cute flats that feel as great on my feet as these do and jeans that don’t drag the ground when I wear them!  Anyone find any great flats lately?

Wednesday Wish List {Yellow Owl Workshop}

21 Sep

Grace Bonney {over at Design*Sponge} recently featured the new stamp designs at Yellow Owl Workshop on her site, and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since!  Each set has all of the pieces for a charming vignette, and you can’t help but picture all of the possibilities!  Here are a few of my favorites:

I've always loved playing in the rain!

So many possibilities!

Perfect for holiday cards!

If I am ever lucky enough to get one of these, I will definitely be testing out my masking skills again!  Happy stamping!

Wednesday Wish List {Crafting Emergency!}

14 Sep

I was all set to continue my quest for organization this week in the Wednesday Wish List, but then an unforeseen occurrence changed all of that!  During a delightful afternoon of crafting with the girls for a friend’s wedding, my circle punch gave out mid-punch!  This punch had seen me through so many crafts over the last couple of years, but it finally couldn’t take any more.  Here is the sad state it is in now, with part of a ripped wedding craft hopelessly stuck inside:

2 1/8 Circle Punch from Paper Source

Here is a look back at some of my favorite crafts created using the circle punch, including my very favorite: our wedding invitations.

Place Cards

The wedding stamp used as a seal on our invitations from Note Trunk {}

The craft we were working on this weekend is totally different from these in that it uses the negative space created by the punch, and I will be excited to share it with you later!

Anyway, now that my circle punch is no more, I am faced with a decision: should I just replace it with another one like it … or should I explore other options?  I have always been intrigued by the ones more like this one seen below.  It is a “deluxe” model from Paper Source, but I’ve definitely seen similar tools at Michaels and A.C. Moore.  The appeal of this type of tool would be the relative versatility it allows, as you could vary the size of your circles!

Circle Cutter {}

As my husband so lovingly pointed out, it is a very small niche market that I am appealing to here, but if anyone has any recommendations, it would be much appreciated!